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eeRIS – an electric energy residential information system

The eeRIS project aims to provide useful information to electric energy residential consumers with regards to their electric energy consumption. The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve engagement through feedback for the consumers, by offering them a better understanding regarding the nature of their consumption.

Metering Infrastructure

The eeRIS metering infrastructure comprises a low cost, high accuracy device, which is connected to a central point of the electric residential installation and provides sampled measurements the overall installation electrical energy consumption.

Data Storage Infrastructure

The eeRIS platform will manage electric energy consumption data that fall within the field of Big Data. Therefore, a dedicated Big Data Management System (BDMS) is designed and implemented, to provide a RESTful API for receiving and handling requests regarding the storage and retrieval of chunks of data.

Data Analysis Algorithms

The algorithms for the analysis of the measurements will serve multiple functionalities, covering current consumer  information requirements with respect to their energy consumption, as well as possible future services that might be requested by Energy Providers (EPs) or Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) in return for a more profitable energy supply contract. To that aim, the original measurements data will first be decomposed to individual load curves and, at a later stage, the resulting information will be transformed to a user-friendly format, so as to improve the end user understanding.


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Inelligent Systems &
Software Engineering Labgroup

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


2nd km Kilkis – Metalliko, Kilkis


The eeRIS platform provides its services to residential energy consumers via a dedicated mobile application.



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